Thursday, May 04, 2006


When Keith and J.J. were married, Joyce was the flower girl and P3 the ring bearer. Were they sweet or what?! That's P2 and sister Mandy behind them.


What a beautiful gown.. Amy took my mom and I to see the dress before the wedding. We were so very impressed. She was a most beautiful bride.


When Isaac was born to Wendy and Cory, my mother and I went up to visit. Here we are- 4 generations. I love those pictures. I tried to get as many as I could while Mom was alive.

Cute how great grandma could balance a balloon on her head, huh? She was good at a lot of neat things.. hehehe

Sunday, April 16, 2006


This one was taken at the farm, also known as Blairsdale. The day was Christmas, and Paul got toy trucks and tractors. He still loves them to this day, but the REAL ones.
Notice Wendell's beard? He grew one every winter to keep his face warm..
Paul dressed himself in those days (I'm sure he still does).... dig the combination of plaids!!

1972 PAUL II

Photos are fun, but the way I keep them, they will be very out of order... so just enjoy them and I'll try to date them as best I can.

This one is labeled 1972- Paul would be 1 yr old. Notice thathe has on his Dad's army boots. Wendell was still in the USAR at that time.

The playpen served more to protect valuable objects than to keep the little guy safe. He didn't care for playpens much.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

1971 PAUL II

Marilyn holding P2, Grampa Blair at Manchester Church on baptism day


Our family and our children.....